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Made by adventure seekers, for explorers.

At Wears This, our clothing represents the sophisticated Hudson Valley & Upstate explorer. Founders Larie Pidgeon & Shannon Olsen wanted to create a clothing line that sparked the vibe and feel of the Valley they live in and love. For they themselves are explorers and needed a clothing line that matched their internal spirit 

The explorer is always searching for a new adventure, yet perfectly satisfied in their current realm. This beautifully complex individual has deep roots in their community and a worldly outlook on life. Their desire for discovery leads to countless adventures. A lifestyle that is an inspiration to those around them, encouraging others to set off and see the world. Equal parts sacred and sensual, the realm they live in is well beyond the day to day living. They walk this earth with wide-eye wonder and appreciation for all things. Wildly fierce in their natural state, something that can’t be seen but rather experienced and felt. 

Our collections at Wears this include, Valley Grl and Roam & Conquer, are designed and manufactured in UPSTATE New York, Hudson Valley region.

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